Adding Logo's to Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the big releases from Microsoft that has really transformed the way that my team and I collaborate at work. But there are certain things that tend to grip me from time to time. Call it OCD or just “sad” but I get wound up when I see my guys creating teams and now giving it a proper logo.

When Teams was first launched it wasn’t the most intuitive process to go and change a logo. You had to open the associated Group in Outlook on line, then change it from there. Fortunately Teams is quickly evolving, and so it’s now possible to do it directly through the client.

The easiest way to do it, is to navigate to your team, and then in the breadcrumb, click the name of your Team.

This will then present you with a list of your Team members, but will also open up an edit option when you hover over the logo.

Simply select your new logo and click Upload. Voila, nice and easy to change, and you won’t have my equivalent (the organisational jobsworth) ranting because there’s no logos 🙂