Adding Planner to a SharePoint Site

Most people who know me will admit that I get really excited about even the small things which change in O365, and this is one of the things which as got me excited! You now have the ability to add a Planner directly to a SharePoint site without having to go out to the Planner app first of all. Best of all, it's really easy to do!

When I'm on a modern site, I can use the NEW drop down menu, where before it was geared towards only SharePoint artefacts, to create a new Plan.

When I select that, I have the standard SharePoint UI experience of the options panel appearing on the right of my screen. It nicely gives me the option to create a new Plan which it will create on this SharePoint site.
Once created you'll have your Plan all ready to go on your SharePoint site, and it also appears in the Planner Hub in the Planner app itself.

The part which I do find strange at the moment is that if I select "Use an existing plan instead" then it only shows me the Plans which I created from my SharePoint site. What I actually expected was to see a list of Planners which I can access from the Planner Hub to pull into my site. This appears to be something which has occurred lately (as of August 2018) so hopefully will be fixed soon.

Anyway, once I have my Planner on my SharePoint site, I can start to exploit the Planner web part to bring in either my task view or to bring in the various charts. This adds a lot of depth to what I can start to do on my SharePoint site in terms of using this for Project Management. Just a few kinks to work out, but it's going to be something which is going to add a lot of value for O365 users.